What is a disposable BBQ

What is a Disposable BBQ?

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People often get a little confused with the difference between a disposable BBQ and portable BBQ so exactly What is a Disposable BBQ?

A disposable BBQ is simply a single-use type of BBQ that should be thrown away after use. They are usually made of a lightweight aluminum container that’s filled with charcoal as its source of heat and an impregnated sheet of paper that acts as the firefighter.

Also referred to as an instant BBQ, they are ideal for use in a wide range of settings including gardens, campsites, beaches, and parks as well as other outdoor spaces.

Instant BBQs provide a great way of cooking a BBQ on the go. They are a cheap and easy way of cooking, whilst being easy to transport, and use.

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How to Use a Disposable BBQ

A disposable BBQ lives up to its name but one outstanding aspect about it is that it’s made with all the essential features of a BBQ.

This means that you can conveniently enjoy your grilled burger, steak, or veg by using an instant BBQ whenever you want.

Using a disposable BBQ is very easy by following some simple steps.

  1. For starters, you need to remove the product’s outer packaging.
  2. Place the instant BBQ on a non-flammable and flat surface.
  3. Use a lighting strip or match, light the corner of the BBQs starter sheet.
  4. Once the flame has picked up, just leave it to burn for 10-15 minutes. This will allows even spread of heat and ensure that all the coals are hot.
  5. Once you are sure that there are no flames and the coals have turned grey you can start to cook.

How Long does a Disposable BBQ Last

Like with any type of BBQ, you need to manage your time well when cooking.

A disposable BBQ can only remain hot enough to cook for around one and a half hours so you need to make sure that you apply your BBQ skills well to ensure that all food is thoroughly cooked.

How to Dispose of an Instant BBQ

Once you are done cooking there are several things you must do before putting it in the bin. As the container is made from metal it will remain hot for some time after you have finished cooking.

What we would always suggest is that you monitor the bbq until is cold and then make sure it is full out by adding water. If you do not want to wait you can extinguish it with water or sand.

Once you have left it to be completely cold you can then carefully dispose of it in the bin.

When Can a Disposable BBQ Be Useful?

There are many times that an instant BBQ can be useful. Some of the most common times include:

During Emergencies

Whether you’ve got a broken oven, the electricity is out or you decide to have an impromptu BBQ having a disposable BBQ in the shed will help you out.

Having a portable and disposable BBQ that you can conveniently use regardless of the current situation can come in handy.


If you and your family or friends are planning a weekend gateway, then this might just be the right solution for you. It allows you to prepare tons of fresh food and once you are done, you can safely dispose of it afterward.

Although many seasoned campers will buy a portable BBQ, instant ones are a great alternative.

Days Out

Whether you’re heading to the park, the countryside, or the beach, disposable barbeques are a great way to be able to cook on the go.

If you are spending hours there, then you need something to engage your taste buds. Preparing a picnic can be as much fun but there’s nothing better than sitting down on a summer’s day and having a BBQ with friends and family.

Please make sure that you are aware of your local park, beach, and countryside laws before you go!

Disposable BBQ Tips

When it comes to instant barbeques there are some very simple tips that you can follow.

Choose a safe location: Before you even consider lighting the BBQ. It shouldn’t be near flammable items such as shrubs, trees, fences, and sheds.

Avoid enclosed spaces: This type of BBQ should never be used in closed and congested spaces. This includes inside your home, in tents, gazebos, and sheds. This can result in a serious health hazard as BBQs are known to produce toxic carbon monoxide gas. Enclosed and non-ventilated spaces should be avoided.

Place it on a flat and fireproof surface: This will enhance the ease of use and minimize the chances of the BBQ tipping over. Note that this disposable item can get extremely wet. As a result, you shouldn’t use it on a flammable surface such as a table since this can result in damage. The ideal flat surface usually consists of a paving slab or bricks.

Avoid using additional lighting agents: Carefully follow the manufacturer’s lighting instructions. When it comes to lighting, most disposable BBQs require a fuel pouch or lighting strip. However, you should never be tempted to use additional lighting agents such as petrol or spirits. Besides that, you shouldn’t refill the BBQ with more charcoal once you have finished using it.

Only cook when the flames have stopped: You should only start to prepare your meals once the flames have stopped, this usually takes 10-15 minutes. Starting to cook while the flames are still on means that you will end up with cooked outers while the inners remain uncooked. If possible, wait until the charcoals are covered with grey ash.

Agitate the coals to keep the heat on: After 15-20 minutes of using the BBQ, agitate the coals in order to keep the source of heat high. You can use a metal fork and this will ensure that the coals are lit.

Allow the BBQ to cool down before you dispose of it: Even after you have extinguished it, let it sit down for some minutes before you can safely dispose of it.

Disposable BBQ Pros

  • Extremely cheap. With only a couple of pounds, you can get a good deal
  • Easy to use and very convenient.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • There is no need to clean it after use.
  • Ideal for emergency situations, demanding trips, and other outdoor functions.
  • Makes it possible to cook your favorite meals quicker compared to the traditional BBQs.
  • It’s a full BBQ that features all the essential components required to prepare tasty food.

Disposable BBQ Cons

  • Increase the chances of flammability within the surrounding areas.
  • Not eco friendly since its only ideal for a single-use.
  • Limited food range and not ideal or fatty foods.
  • Have weight limits with a restricted surface area.
  • Not a long term viable solution economically.

Where to Buy a Disposable BBQ?

The great thing about disposable BBQs is that you can buy them pretty much anywhere. Whether your nearest shop is Morrisons, Asda, Tesco, Poundland, Aldi, Lidl, or the CO-OP, you can pick up an instant BBQ in the summer for only a couple of pounds.

The only issue you’ll find is that on very sunny days and out of season, you may find getting hold of an instant BBQ a little more difficult.

Major supermarkets only stock instant BBQs doing the summer months and so we’d always recommend you keep a couple of spare in your shed. Failing that you can always get hold of a disposable BBQ by clicking here.