6 Best Wooden BBQ Shelters

5 Best Wooden BBQ Shelters

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There’s nothing better on a sunny day than a BBQ but British weather can quickly turn from bright sunshine to rain in a matter of minutes.

Buying a wooden bbq shelter will ensure you’ll be able to plan ahead and have fun BBQs with family and friends without them being spoilt by a few spots of rain.

However, BBQ shelters aren’t just good for keeping out of the rain. They’re also great when it’s sunny especially if you’re the one who is always stood out in the blazing sun. So forget about burning as much as the sausages and relax undercover and get away from those harmful UV rays.

Finding the best BBQ shelter will mean you can enjoy BBQs with friends and family in the good, and bad weather that may come your way.

To help you find the best wooden barbeque shelter, we’ve listed 5 of our favourites below.

What to Look For in a Wooden BBQ Shelter?

So you’ve decided that you want to buy a wooden BBQ shelter but what exactly should you be looking out for and what things do you need to know before buying one?

Before you jump in at the deep end and spend a load of money take a look at some of our top things to consider when you buy a wooden BBQ shelter.

1) BBQ Shelter Kits

The first thing to remember is that all wooden BBQ shelters come as kits!

Therefore before you buy a wooden BBQ shelter kit you must ensure that you, or someone you know or can employ will be able to erect it.

Now the larger BBQ shelter kits will need more than one person to erect them and may need a little more know-how or DIY skills but most of the normal-sized BBQ shelter kits can easily be put together by anyone with a little patience and skills.

2) BBQ Shelter Size

The size of your chosen wooden barbeque shelter will depend on two things. Firstly, the size of your garden or outside space and secondly the size of your BBQ.

If you’ve got a massive garden with lots of space to play with then you may decide that bigger is better. A small shelter in a massive garden will potentially look really disproportionate. Likewise, if you’ve only got a small garden a massive BBQ shelter may cover all of your available space leaving you no sunshine whatsoever.

You then need to look at the size of the BBQ! You’ll find that some of the BBQ shelters on the market are only just large enough to cover your BBQ with little or no space surrounding it.

The last thing you want is to be jammed in and let’s face it if it’s raining everyone will potentially want to try and get out of the rain!

So when looking for a suitable barbeque shelter measure the area you have available and the size of your BBQ to pick the perfect size.

3) BBQ Shelter Material

Although the two most common materials BBQ shelters are made from is wood and metal, this article features only wooden BBQ shelters.

However, when looking to buy one made from wood you need to make sure of two things. Firstly that the timbers are of a decent thickness. Too thin and your shelter may not be able to stand up to various weather conditions and will also not last very long.

Secondly, make sure you buy one made from pressure-treated wood. Pressure-treated wood goes through a process where wood preservatives are put in. They are one of the best ways to extend and preserve the life of the timber.

If you’re not sure which type of BBQ shelter to get then keep reading because we’ve put together a list of the 5 best wooden BBQ shelters we could find.

6 Best Wooden BBQ Shelters

Below we’ve listed our chosen 5 Best Wooden BBQ Shelters, followed by the full details of each.

1) Anchor Fast Devon BBQ Wooden Shelter
2) Top Garden Outdoor Wooden BBQ shelter
3) Churnet Valley Wooden BBQ Shelter
4) Garden Outdoor Wooden BBQ shelter
5) Party Arbour and Barbeque Shelter

1) Anchor Fast Devon BBQ Wooden Shelter

Anchor Fast Devon Wood BBQ Shelter

The Anchor Fast Devon BBQ Shelter is very high-quality and is made from FSC-certified premium pine.

It’s extremely well made and has sturdy construction to enable it to stand up to all sorts of weather found in the UK.

Just make sure you put it exactly where you want it as it’s very heavy and will take a lot of effort to move once constructed.

This beautiful-looking BBQ shelter is fairly straightforward to assemble and has plenty of ventilation to allow any smoke to disperse easily.

One of the best things about the shelter is the wide boards that sit along each of the three wall panels. These boards are fantastic for resting drinks, and other items needed for your BBQ.

As it’s quite a wide shelter, you can easily fit a bench inside. This is a fantastic addition to any garden as even when you’ve put the BBQ away for the winter, you can still sit outside undercover.

Main Specifications

Material: FSC Certified Solvet Free Premium Pine
External Dimensions: 202cm Wide x 120cm Deep
Product Weight: 100kg

Main features

  • Tanilised, pressure treated wood
  • Weatherproof
  • Well made and good quality
  • Strong and robust
Current Price

2) Top Garden Outdoor Wooden BBQ shelter

Top Garden Outdoor Wooden BBQ Shelter

The Top Garden Outdoor Wooden BBQ shelter has been designed with extra roof height to allow for maximum ventilation.

The shelter features an open entrance and slatted side panels and is an ideal location for a BBQ. The solid back panel not only protects you from the rain but also gives privacy and protection from neighbours and the wind.

A curved roof with apex supports protects you from the rain but also gives it a solid and stylish look making it a focal point in any garden or outside space.

This BBQ shelter is great for all sorts of events with family and friends but also acts perfectly as a shade when the BBQ goes away in the winter.

Main Specifications

Material: FSC Pressure treated timber
External Dimensions: 222cm Wide x 222cm Deep x 240cm High
Product Weight: Unknown

Main features

  • Easy to assemble
  • Fully illustrated instructions
  • Guaranteed aginst rot for 10 years
  • Solid back panel
Current Price

3) Churnet Valley Wooden BBQ Shelter

Churnett Valley Wooden BBQ Shelter

The Churnett Valley BBQ shelter is one of the smaller ones to be on our list but don’t let the size put you off.

If you’ve got a small garden or patio and want something to keep your BBQ undercover then this one is ideal especially if you’ve got a slightly smaller BBQ.

Made from sustainable sources of Swedish redwood the heavy-duty timbers will last for quite some time especially seeing as they have all been pressure treated to protect them from rot.

The BBQ shelter is delivered in sections that fit together easily and quickly to cut down on build time.

Main Specifications

Material: Pressure-treated sustainably sourced timber
External Dimensions: 180cm Wide x 100cm Deep x 210cm High

Main features

  • Heavy duty timber
  • Fully pressure treated
  • Perfect for smaller spaces
  • Comes in easy to assemble sections
Current Price

4) Garden Outdoor Wooden BBQ Shelter

Garden Outdoor Wooden BBQ Shelter

The Garden Outdoor Wooden BBQ Shelter is perfect for entertaining friends and family outdoors.

Although the posts are slightly smaller than some others we love the design and size of this BBQ shelter.

The roof is slatted and sturdy and the height and size offer plenty of space for people to stand. Add to this the side panels on 3 sides and you have a BBQ shelter that will offer you a fair amount of protection from the weather.

This shelter is square and larger than some others we’ve listed. We love this fact as you have plenty of space around your BBQ to evade the rain. It also has shelves on top of the walls so you can put drinks and other things needed whilst you barbeque.

The great thing about this BBQ shelter is that it comes in two sizes, what they call a gazebo size and pavilion size. The gazebo size is perfect for a family get-together whilst the pavilion is much bigger and great for larger gardens.

Main Specifications

Material: Pressure-treated timber
External Dimensions: 220cm Wide x 220cm Deep x 249cm High

Main features

  • Fully illustrated instructions
  • Fully pressure treated
  • Easy to assemble
  • 10 year guarantee against rot
Current Price

5) Party Arbour and Barbeque Shelter

Party Arbour and Barbeque Shelter

The Party Arbour and Barbeque Shelter has a brilliant design that you don’t see very often.

It’s perfect for smaller gardens or those who maybe don’t BBQ as often. When not in use for BBQs it works perfectly as an Arbour with a fold-down seat where you can relax.

When it’s time to light up, simply fold up the seat and there’s enough space for a 150cm wide BBQ.

The Party Arbour looks fantastic when being used in either way and is incredibly well made.

Another fantastic design accomplishment with this shelter is that when you are using it for BBQs, the side panels lift up on hinges and lock into place to create two handy side tables. Thes side tables are perfect for holding, drinks, plates, and of course any food that you are waiting to cook.

If you’re worried about heat, there’s no need to. Not only is the timber fully pressure treated against rot but it’s also been treated with a fire retardant!

The only problem with the Party Arbour is that many will find it’s just not big enough especially if you have a large family or lots of friends. Saying that, for small spaces, it’s probably one of the best due to its versatility.

Main Specifications

Material: FSC Pressure-treated and fire retardant treated timber
External Dimensions: 181cm Wide x 129cm Deep x 240cm High

Main features

  • Can be used as BBQ shelter or Arbour
  • Treated against rot and with fire retardant
  • Fold down seat
  • Panels lift and lock to create tables
Current Price

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