Best Disposable BBQ Stand Review

Best Disposable BBQ Stand Review 2022

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Disposable BBQs are perfect for when you want to have a quick impromptu bbq at home or when you want to have one at the beach, park, or in the countryside.

If you want to find out more about disposable bbq’s then take a look at our What is a Disposable BBQ? article.

One of the major problems though when it comes to an instant BBQ is where to put them so you don’t damage the ground and to keep them stable.

To make this job easier, why not consider investing in a disposable bbq stand. These accessories serve many different uses including:

  • Keeping the BBQ off the floor
  • Make using the BBQ easier
  • Stop the BBQ moving around

But how do you pick the right one? This is where this article comes in handy!

Why not just buy a disposable BBQ that comes with a stand?

This is quite easy to answer!

Firstly, an instant BBQ that comes with a stand is more expensive. This means each time you buy one you’re paying more, buy one stand and then pay less for each disposable BBQ you buy.

Secondly, and the most important reason is that most disposable BBQs that have a stand attached get very poor reviews for how flimsy the stand is.

Not only do they tend to sag before food is added but quite often touch the ground after! This means that they not only damage the ground but are also fairly unstable.

The Best Disposable BBQ Stand Review

We’ll show you what we think is the best disposable BBQ stand on the market today.

Following on from that we’ll give you a little more information on what to look for when buying a disposable barbeque stand.

Asado Dual Barbeque Stand

Asado Dual Disposable BBQ Stand

So the best disposable barbeque stand in our opinion is the Asado Dual Barbeque Stand. There are a number of reasons why we like this stand and we’ll cover them further below.

We actually own one of these stands and the design is slightly different from the one advertised however it works perfectly all the same for both standard-sized instant BBQs and party-sized ones.

Despite some of the negative reviews we have read, the stand is very sturdy once you have ensured that the butterfly nuts are tightened sufficiently. The stand will then hold your disposable bbq in place.

The stand is made from metal and has adjustable legs that swing around depending upon the size of BBQ you intend on using. It is the most flexible stand we’ve seen and it does the job perfectly.

Whether you are hosting a feast for two or a feast for a party, this barbeque stand holds a standard instant barbeque on one side and when you have more mouths to feed, flip it over and you have the perfect space into which to place a party-sized bbq.

Asado Dual Instant Barbeque Stand

What’s more, this handy stand can pack away so that it can easily be carried. So whether you’re going to take it camping to the beach or countryside you’ll easily be able to carry and store it.

The stand retails at just £13.99 and is perfect if you plan on using disposable BBQs regularly.

What are Disposable BBQ Stands?

A Disposable BBQ Stand is an accessory that is used to support an instant or disposable BBQ. They are very helpful as they keep the BBQ still when in use and provide a stable surface to prevent accidental fires and spillages.


What are the Benefits of Using Disposable BBQ Stands?

Better Stability

The main purpose of a disposable bbq stand is to provide stability. Do away with having to find some bricks or stone to place your instant bbq on.

Raised Up

A disposable bbq stand must keep the bbq off the floor to prevent it from damaging the surface. It will also help to keep it stable.


An instant bbq stand has to be portable. The whole idea of disposable BBQs is that you can take them places you wouldn’t take a regular bbq.
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Things to Consider When Buying a Disposable BBQ Stand

If you’re looking to buy a disposable BBQ stand then there are a number of factors you may want to consider.


Disposable BBQs generally come in two sizes, standard size and then family size. The family instant BBQ is obviously larger than the standard size and will not normally fit on smaller stands.

Before you buy a stand make sure that you decide which size instant BBQ you are likely to use the most!

Failing that buy the stand we’ve suggested as it holds both sized BBQs meaning you don’t have to own two.


If you’re planning to take your bbq to the beach or out and about, then you really want a light bbq stand that will also pack away.


Don’t spend lots of money on a disposable bbq stand. You can pick them up for not a lot of money and they really do the job well.


If you plan to have a disposable BBQ then a stand is well worth the money. Not only is it safer, but also makes cooking much more enjoyable when you know the tray won’t go wobbling all over the place.

Whether you’re taking it camping, to the beach, to the countryside, or even staying at home, this fantastic stand will be of great use.

If you want to check out the latest price or buy a disposable BBQ stand then you can find out more here.