Gas or Charcoal BBQ - Which is Best?

Gas or Charcoal BBQ – Which is Best?

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Gas or Charcoal BBQ Which is Best?

Are you looking to find out whether a Gas or Charcoal BBQ is best?

We would love to tell you that there is a definitive answer to this but unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer and anyone who tells you different is lying!

It is impossible to give a definitive answer because both have unique features with pros and cons.

Therefore to help you decide what the best option for you is, we’ll check out some pros and cons of charcoal BBQs and gas BBQs. If you’d like to check out some of the best charcoal BBQs and gas BBQs then head on oven to our shop.

Why Buy a Gas BBQ?

Why Buy a Gas BBQ?

A gas BBQ is efficient, effective, and convenient for those who want to cook fast.

Gas allows you to cook with the flick of the switch and the main benefit of a gas barbeque is that you do not have to wait for anything to get up to temperature as you do with charcoal BBQs.

If you want quick and easy cooking controls, then a gas BBQ is a perfect choice.

They are easy to use as they reach the appropriate temperature to cook faster and you can also adjust the heat whenever you want at the twist of a dial.

The best part is that gas BBQs are easy to use and easier to clean than a charcoal bbq.

The Benefits Of A Gas BBQ

Below are some of the benefits you get if you buy a Gas BBQ.

Good For You And Environment

When you opt for a gas grill, the meat consists of lesser carcinogens than charcoal-grilled ones. And when it comes to the environment, a gas BBQ leaves a carbon footprint of almost one-third of a charcoal grill.

Faster Start-Up and Control Temperature

When you press the ignition button and turn the dial, your gas grill will spark.

After a fast preheat, you can grill your food. You no longer have to wait for the gas to heat like waiting for a charcoal barbeque. You can go from low heat as necessary for the bone-in chicken to high heat for steak without worrying about moving hot coals.


With a gas BBQ, you can cook delicate foods such as fruits and vegetables without worries of overpowering smoke flavour to food.


Initially, a gas BBQ seems to be a considerable investment, however, it will save your fuel and energy costs over time.

The Negatives of A Gas BBQ

With pros, the Gas grill brings along some negative points also. It has the pitfalls that decrease the overall radiant heat as long as the lid is closed. As they do not even have even heat distribution, many gas barbecues try to compensate with additional tech such as ceramic plates, lava rocks, etc. But still, you will have to struggle with heat retention as gas burns cooler than charcoal, restricting heat efficiency.

You will have limits when you wish to do smoky or indirect cooking because it will be tricky. However, you can give the smoky flavor with the soaked wood chips above the flames.

Gas BBQ Pros

  • A gas BBQ is easier to clean than charcoal.
  • Gas fuel is cheaper in the long run compared to charcoal.
  • While cooking, a gas BBQ gives off steam, which some say adds moisture to the meat.
  • Some of the gas BBQs come with side burners or smoke boxes to give the smokey flavour.

Gas BBQ Cons

  • Gas BBQs are more expensive than charcoal ones.
  • They are less portable than most charcoal BBQs.
  • You won’t get the same smokey flavour.

Why Buy a Charcoal BBQ?

Why Buy a Charcoal BBQ?

A charcoal barbecue is versatile that enables you to cook on super high or super down flame. However, you will require some dedication and patience to get excellent, flavorful results. The considerable benefit of using a charcoal grill is that they are cheaper than gas grills. You can pick a small charcoal grill of around 20$ or above and have the same cooking with additional flavor into the food.

Benefits Of A Charcoal BBQ

Below are some of the benefits you get if you buy a charcoal BBQ.

Reach Higher Temperature

A charcoal BBQ gets much hotter than a gas BBQ and can easily reach temperatures in excess of 350 degrees celsius. However, the ideal temperature for most foods is between 160 and 250 degrees celsius.

Provides Scrumptious Smokey Flavour

The higher heat is the key to the smokey flavour. The more the temperature, the more smokey your food will taste.

When the fat and liquid from your meat drips onto the hot coals, they convert into the flavour coating steam and smoke which goes in the flesh, resulting in the delicious taste.


Charcoal BBQs are much more easy on your wallet. A basic charcoal BBQ can cost as little as £13.99 and for those impromptu BBQs or those on the go, you could always buy a disposable BBQ for only a few pounds.

The Negatives of A Charcoal BBQ

With pros, a charcoal BBQ brings along some negative points also.

There are three main negatives with a charcoal BBQ.

Firstly it is more difficult to adjust the heat. Now you can adjust the location of the charcoal so that there are cold places on the BBQ where food can rest however this is much less controllable that a gas BBQ.

Secondly, charcoal BBQ’s take much longer and are more difficult to clean. You’ll still need to clean the grate as you do on a gas BBQ but you’ll also have to clean ash and debris out of the base of the BBQ. This will normally have to be done after each burn.

Finally when you turn off a gas BBQ the flame is extinguished immediately and it will start to cool down. With a charcoal BBQ you will have to wait for the coals to extinguish before the BBQ will begin to cool.

Charcoal BBQ Pros

  • Charcoal BBQs are more portable allowing you to take them to beaches, campsites etc.
  • Charcoal grills burn hotter than gas.
  • They can be much cheaper than gas alternatives.
  • Many like the smokey flavour of a charcoal BBQ

Charcoal BBQ Cons

  • A charcoal BBQ can be difficult to ignite.
  • They can take a longer time to reach the cooking temperature.
  • They give less control over temperature.
  • It is harder and takes longer to clean a charcoal BBQ.

Which One Is Easier To Cook On?

A gas bbq is more straightforward to cook on and easier to get started than charcoal BBQ. This is because all you have to do is turn the gas on and ignite it.

However, on a charcoal BBQ, you have to light the charcoal and wait for the coal to reach optimum temperature. The lighting of a charcoal BBQ can however be made much easier with the use of a Charcoal Chimney Starter.

Is there a Difference In Taste?

Is there a difference in taste between food cooked on a charcoal BBQ and food cooked on a gas BBQ?

Yes, there is. Charcoal gives the traditional and typical smokey flavour, whilst a gas BBQ gives a slightly different taste.

Which One Tastes Better?

A charcoal BBQ gives the traditional smokey flavour and for some this will always mean that a charcoal BBQ is better than a gas BBQ.

When you try to get a similar tast from a gas grill, it will never be exactly the same. So, in our opinion according to taste, a charcoal BBQ is better.


So as you can see, the question of Gas or Charcoal BBQ – Which is Best? is not as simple as you would first think.

If you are keen to cook over charcoal, and want a cheap and affordable way to barbeque your food then a Charcoal BBQ is the right choice for you.

However, if you want to cook fast with minimal planning, then a gas barbeque is perfect option.

Whether you want a gas or charocal barbeque we have a full range available in our online shop.