Outsunny Freestanding Kettle Charcoal BBQ Grill Portable Cooking Smoker Outdoor Camp Picnic Barbecue Cooker with Wheels and Storage Shelves

Amazon.co.uk Price: £72.99 (as of 13/06/2024 01:57 PST- Details)

STYLISH DESIGN: A classic shape, a fantastic addition to your BBQs and outdoor parties – a design which will impress your guests just as much as the food it cooks.
CAST IRON BODY: Tough and sturdy, with an enamel top coating to protect the body against 600°C – cooking your food quickly and evenly. Heat protective handle keeps cool to prevent you from burns and scalds.
ON-BODY THERMOMETER: Easy to read, it keeps you aware of the temperature when the lid is down, with an adjustable damper to control the air flow, cooking your food exactly how you want it. CHROME COOKING GRATE: Widely spaced bars so the heat can reach the underside of the food better, the large surface area cooks plenty of food.