Cuba Kettle Charcoal BBQ Barbecue Grill Portable With Wheels & Shelves, Temp Gauge, Enamelled Surface With Chrome Grill… Price: £79.95 (as of 23/05/2022 06:25 PST- Details)

The high-quality kettle grill can be used by the BBQ enthusiast in many different ways. The two-tier kettle allows you to close the upper part to prevent heat from escaping.
The lid gives off focused heat evenly to the food on the grill. Similar to a convection oven, this means your food cooks evenly on all sides. Special air vents afford even air circulation during grilling and prevent the coals from going out while the lid is closed
Achieving a crisp yet juicy roast is as easy as ABC due to the lid’s built-in thermometer which allows you to easily monitor the cooking temperature.