YELITE Chimney Starter, Charcoal Starter, Fire Starter, Coal Lighter, with Plastic Safety Handle and Second Folding Handle, Barbecue Coal Chimney Starter, Chimney Barbecue, 31 x 19.5 x 30.5 cm Price: £37.99 (as of 10/06/2024 20:14 PST- Details)

EASY TO USE: You just need some newspapers or paper.Please note: no more buying flammable bottles of liquid to squirt over your charcoal briquettes before lighting them.
QUICKER : Galvanized Steel charcoal starter for grills used of chimney principle and start your barbecue BBQ in the shortest possible time. About 20 minutes the coals will be red hot.
HANDLE : Reinforced Handle providing protection from heat. Second handle helps when tipping.