ECO-KINDLES NATURAL WOOD FIRELIGHTERS – 200 Fire Starter Eco Friendly Wood Wool Flamers for Lighting BBQ, Wood Fired… Price: £24.99 (as of 28/06/2022 11:49 PST- Details)

FREE ECO FIRE LIGHTERS E-BOOK – bbq fire lighter instructions with your Purchase on how to use your wood wool flamers natural firelighters and instructions for every type of fire starter event.
100% NATURAL ECO FRIENDLY WOOD WOOL PELLETS – dipped in wax made from renewable food waste – Natural Wood – eco friendly products.
FREE BONUS ITEM WOOD WOOL ECO KINDLING as bbq accessories – ecolighters fire kindling to help create larger fires – use our bbq lighter cubes for wood burners or in wet camping conditions – The perfect bbq fire lighter Use Instead of bbq coal.