AMOS Barbecue BBQ Charcoal Chimney Starter Easy Pour Grill Quick Start Galvanised Steel Camping Fire Ignition Lighter Coal Fuel Burner Lighting Kit with Wooden Handle Price: £1.00 (as of 02/01/2024 11:41 PST- Details)

The easiest, quickest & cleanest way to light charcoal for your barbecue
Hot charcoals ready for cooking in just 10 – 20 minutes; No more waiting around for it to slowly heat; No need for lighter fluid or fire lighters; Eliminates the awful petroleum flavour from your barbecued food
Superior air circulation for evenly burning charcoal that guarantees evenly cooked food; Conical grate encourages air circulation; Side holes ensure that air circulates through all the charcoal for even burning; Bottom holes pull the air from outside & draw it up through the chimney starter